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  • Search Basics

    Search basics

    Search gene(s) across tumor types and visualize multiple data types

  • Expression of genes

    Expression of gene(s)

    Expression of my gene(s) across Tumor Types and Sample Type?

  • Isoforms


    Which specific transcripts are expressed in my gene or gene of interest?

  • Alternative Splicing

    Alternative Splicing

    Are there any splice variants in my gene of interest across sample types or tumor types?

  • Copy Number

    Copy Number

    Is my gene or genes of interest amplified or deleted in a particular tumor type?

  • Fusion Visualization

    Fusion Visualization

    Search for and display gene fusions of interest. Examine these fusions in the Genome Browser

  • Mutation Frequency

    Mutation Frequency

    What is the mutation frequency (somatic mutation) in my gene or genes of interest across tumor type?

  • Mutation Status Generation

    Mutation Status Generation

    Generate the mutation status of a gene or genes and correlate to gene expression

  • Download Data to Local Analysis

    Complex Analysis

    Download data to Array Studio for more complex analysis (or to export to outside tools)